David Sylvester Jr.,


Born and raised in Southwest Louisiana; Sylvester was heavily influenced by his family of musicians, singers, and ministers. At the age of 14, he was hired to be the full time musician for a Community Church of God in Christ where his gift of music was nurtured and his love for music and God grew at an accelerated pace.


Since then, David has been living out his dream and purpose everyday incorporating music into his life in every way possible. Aside from him being a contract musician, he is also a recording artist and a member of the Xi Nu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.


David owes all of his success and joy to Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior for not only blessing him with the gifts, talents, and drive to press through life's journey, but also for blessing him with an extremely encouraging, selfless, nurturing mother who has never left his side since he came into this world on June 18, 1987.


To GOD be all the GLORY.