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Wedding Singer Depot

Are you an up and coming vocal artist interested in singing for weddings, but you don't quite know how to get started?

Are you an established vocal artist looking to expand your territory, promote your brand, and increase your revenue?

Are you just a

good singer looking to

make some extra money,

and wanting to avoid the hassle of the business side of things?


You've come to the right place...

What we are...

A Management Company and Booking Agency for singers, vocal artists, and musicians.

Business Brainstorm
Dollar Bills

What we do...

For our Clients: 

   - We promote your talent

   - We endorse your brand

   - We solicit customers

   - We negotiate prices

   - We manage your schedule

   - We book your service

   - We provide legally sound contracts

   - We collect and dispense funds

For our Customers: 

   - We provide a wide variety of different musical gifts and talent for hire.

We don't get paid until you get paid. Therefore...

Our primary focus is getting you paid.





+ Professional Development

+ Consultation

+ Voice Lessons

+ Professional Head-shots

+ Professional Video Footage

+ Company Profile on Website

+ Company Business Cards

+ Marketing and Advertising

+ Schedule Management

+ Booking and Collections

Recruiting artists in the following areas
Beaumont TX
Opelousas LA
Lake Charles LA
Lafayette LA
Houston TX
Baton Rouge LA
STEP 1: Complete Application...
STEP 2: Telephone Interview...
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Phone Operator
STEP 3: Approve Company Profile...
Vocal Range
Song List
Video Clips
Travel Preferences
Prices and Packages
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Jazz Singer

From the Heart

David Sylvester White Background.JPG

                    I have been singing for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until the age of 14 that I was contracted to do my first wedding ceremony. Little did I know, this one experience would set the course for my destiny.

                    I loved being able to use something that I enjoyed doing so much to bring other people joy during such a special occasion. Seeing a bride walk down the isle with tears in her eyes as I sing songs that honor the love that is being celebrated is an indescribable feeling. But like most artists, I hated everything about "the business." Explaining contracts, negotiating prices, collecting payments, etc. Had it not been for my mother covering that end of the spectrum, I would have changed career paths at the very beginning of my journey. Also, throughout my many years of music ministry I have crossed paths with so many extremely gifted musical artists who were either being mismanaged or just sitting idle because they were lacking basic knowledge and resources that would enable them to get started and/or keep it going.

                    This company was created primarily for those individuals. No longer do you have an excuse not to share your God given gifts and talent with the world. I am willing and able to use my 17+ years of experience to help you build your own contracting business and teach you everything you need to know in order to sustain and continue growing.

David L. Sylvester Jr.,

Founder - CEO

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